Code of Business Ethics


  • Objective 

At Vinva Technologies Pvt Ltd (hereafter referred as the “Company” or “VINVA”) we strongly believes & practices in the principle of honesty & trust with transparency. This forms the foundation of the VINVA Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (hereafter known as the “COBEC” or the “Code”).

  • Applicability 

The COBEC covers all directors, employees, third party vendors, consultants, partners, associate, stakeholders, suppliers & customers, need to be built on the foundations of honesty & trust with transparency. This is what we believe in and practice every day at Vinva.

Its further acts as a guide to all VINVA directors, employees and various stakeholders on the values, ethics and business principles and expected of them to be aligned with the spirit of the COBEC and the ethos, brand and reputation of Company. 

  • Duties

The roles, responsibilities and duties appropriate to your designation or your employment, will be specified by Company from time to time. Company may at any time, in its sole discretion, upon notice to you, alter or otherwise modify these roles, responsibilities and duties. Further, at any time, you may be required to provide service, directly, to Company and its affiliates and their employees, contractors and clients. 

  • Company assets

Protect the Company’s assets and use them in the manner intended. The Company assets should not be used for your own personal benefit or the benefit of anyone other than the Company.

  • Hours of Work

The working hours of the associate will be governed by the applicable company / client policies as prescribed by the applicable laws or regulations.

  • Non-Harassment / Non-Discrimination workplace

This company prohibits discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, veteran status or any other status protected by applicable law. Each individual has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal employment opportunities and is free from discriminatory practices, including without limitation harassment. 

Discrimination includes but is not limited to making any employment decision or employment related action on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, disability, national origin, marital or veteran status, or any other status protected by applicable law.

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

The associate is required to familiarize with this policy and comply with it at all times. Any instances of harassment are regarded as serious issues and non-compliance may lead to disciplinary action being instigated against the associate which could lead to the immediate termination of employment.

Any employee who feels that he or she has been harassed or discriminated against, or has witnessed or become aware of discrimination or harassment, should bring the matter to the immediate attention of his or her supervisor/team lead, Management will promptly investigate all allegations of discrimination and harassment, and take action as appropriate based on the outcome of the investigation. An investigation and its results will be treated as confidential to the extent feasible, and the management will take appropriate action based on the outcome of the investigation.

  • Confidentiality

The associate undertakes and agrees not to disclose any information, material, policy or conclusions whether relating to the company or relating to any of the clients of the company of whatever nature to anyone whether in written, oral or otherwise, not only during the term of employment but also after the termination of the employment by whichever modes.

The associate undertakes and agrees that the only exception for sharing the confidential information of the company or any of its clients is the furtherance of the organization’s business but the same cannot be used as an excuse if done in a manner to the detriment to the interest of the company or its clients. 

The associate undertakes and agrees that any confidential or proprietary information including but not exclusively any research, development, trade secret, business affairs, sales presentations, promotional materials, customer lists, projects undertaken, technical know-how for the projects, mailing lists, sales plans, procedures, formats, strategies, research reports, analyses, recommendations, opinions, pricing letters, quotations, costing, correspondence, files, cards and magnetic tapes, storage materials, computer programs, systems, system outlines, licensed software systems, other computer related materials either hard copies of the above or soft copies in hard disks or removable memories, which comes to his knowledge in the course of his employment with the company shall not be disclosed or made available to anyone outside the company without the written consent of the Management of the Company. The responsibility for keeping such information confidential applies not only to the period of employment but also thereafter and any such breach or violation of the terms shall be contested by the company in the appropriate Court of law on both the civil as well as Criminal side to protect the best interests of the company as well as those of its clients under various Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements with its clients. None of the above discussed shall be removed, deleted or interpolated without duly obtained permission nor transmitted to any third party by way of any communication written, oral or electronic.

The associate agrees and understands that no further or other Confidentiality agreement is required to be signed and the associate agrees to keep the company indemnified under all circumstances of the violation of the confidentiality clause of this agreement.

The associate further agrees and undertakes to consider work done and information received during the course of employment as confidential at all times. 

  • IT Securities Policy 

The associate agrees and undertakes to follow and abide by the IT security rules, polices and guidelines laid by the Company from time to time. The associate shall familiarize himself fully and comply with the company policies on Information security, Data Protection, etc. as amended from time to time and the guidelines on appropriate use of The Company’s and their client’s Internet and email systems. Failure to adhere to The Company’s IT security policies or engage in inappropriate use of Internet, telephone and email systems or any other asset will be dealt with disciplinary procedure and could lead to the termination of employment. The associate shall be responsible for using the Company/client provided internet access and e-mail services or assets only for business reasons.

Does not download or use any unapproved personal software (including games and screen savers) that has not been issued by Company’s internal IT department. Does not send offensive messages, or messages which may contravene the Company’s Equal Opportunity policy, and access, download, or forward inappropriate material from /on the Internet/email systems. Does not send or forward e-mails containing messages or images that are considered defamatory, profane, obscene or derogatory. Does not send the electronic mail system to send /receive messages with religious or political, sexual implications, racial slurs, gender specific comments.

  • Maintenance of Records

We are VINVA maintain books and records as per applicable laws and regulations.

  • Comply with the code and the law

 Understand this Code and comply with it and the law wherever you are. Use good judgment and avoid even the appearance of improper behavior. In case of any conflict between this Code and any local laws and/or regulations, including professional obligations, the local laws and/or regulations will prevail and you must follow the law rather than this Code to the extent of such conflict. If local custom or policy varies with this Code, VINVA expects you to follow this Code.

  • Open Communication 

Vinva encourages you to discuss any difference you may have with a colleague, directly with that person. If a resolution is not reached, please arrange a meeting with your Reporting Manager to discuss any concern, problem, or issue that arises during the course of your employment. Any information discussed in an Open Communication meeting is considered confidential. VINVA endeavour is to foster an environment of open and honest communication.

  • Compliance and discipline

 Any standards become irrelevant unless there are clear mechanisms to deal with their violation. We would be negligent if we did not state categorically that deviations from the COBEC will not be tolerated. Disciplinary action will be taken against any individual violating these standards. 

  • Understand and follow client codes of conduct where applicable

It’s also VINVA’s responsibility to understand a client’s code of conduct in addition to following our own Code of Business Ethics. 

  • We do not give or accept bribes
  • Cooperate with investigations

We cooperate fully with all investigations. When reporting an ethical concern, cooperation may be necessary so that we may adequately address the concern.

  • Amendment of the COBEC

 We are committed to continuously reviewing and updating our policies and procedures. Therefore, this document is subject to modification from time to time. Any amendment or waiver of any provision of the COBEC must be approved in writing by the Company’s Board of Directors. Amendments need to be posted on all applicable regulatory filings or other areas with the nature of amendments.